Cultivating a sustainable future

We are committed to supporting initiatives that promote Hong Kong’s transition to net zero, engaging with organisations that promote sustainability and eco-friendly solutions.

Green Rehabilitation Bus Pilot Scheme

Hong Kong’s first Green Rehabus scheme that encourages local NGOs to switch to electric vehicles when providing transport for people with mobility difficulties.

Partnering with WWF-HK

Our local conservation projects in collaboration with WWF-HK is helping to bring life back to the once-thriving, traditional shrimp ponds in Hong Kong’s Mai Po Nature Reserve.

Supporting GOODS-CO

A one-stop online resources matching platform that gives second-hand items a new home, while promoting reuse of resources in the wider community.

HSBC Rural Sustainability @ Lai Chi Wo

We supported the Policy for Sustainability Lab at the Centre for Civil Society and Governance, The University of Hong Kong on revitalising the remote traditional farming landscape at Lai Chi Wo. The project enabled the transformation of the 400-year-old Hakka village into a sustainable eco-agriculture hub.