Green Rehabilitation Bus Pilot Scheme

Together with The Conservancy Association, we have launched Hong Kong’s first Green Rehabilitation Bus Scheme in September 2022 to promote the adoption of electric vehicles for accessible transport services.

Seven local NGOs will be selected to participate in the three-year Pilot Scheme. Each will receive an electric bus – a Green Rehabus – with barrier-free facilities, as well as support in setting up charging facilities and optimising bus routes to conserve energy. During the Pilot Scheme, the Green Rehabus fleet is expected to serve over 80,000 users and reduce CO2 emissions equivalent to planting 2,000 new trees.

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The scheme is a pioneer project that aims to encourage Hong Kong NGOs to switch to electric vehicles when providing transport for people with mobility difficulties, as we take steps to contribute to Hong Kong’s low-carbon transition.

From the experience of this pilot scheme, a comprehensive guide will be prepared for other NGOs looking to switch to electric buses. An impact financing guidance tool will also be developed to help NGOs gain access to financing for greening their fleets.

7 Green Rehabuses

The fleet is expected to serve 80,000+ users